Chief Principal’s Message

Chief Principal’s Message

Ms. Louisa Lo  盧詠琴 總校長

1st September 2017

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

New School Year, New Initiatives and New Vision

     As the new school year commences, I would like to extend my warm welcome to you all after a relaxing summer during which you have the chance to unwind. I trust both parents and students are well prepared to start afresh. May I wish you all a healthy and fruitful year ahead with your continuous dedication to our big family.

     Our School endeavors to offer Catholic education by fostering the holistic growth of students through upholding the five core values of Catholic education. This year our major concerns are,

  1. Uphold and pass on the Catholic Education core values of Truth and Justice to staff and students and reinforce their integrity to daily life;
  2. Continue the school-based STEM education strand to optimize the creativity and problem-solving abilities of students.

    Last year was indeed successful and rewarding. We launched the Diamond Jubilee fundraising walkathon “Walk in Unity” in February, Diamond Jubilee Raimondi Basketball League in March and Trio Harmony 2017 Concert – Diamond Prelude in July. All of these would not have been successful without the unfailing support of our parents. This year is a year of festivities, as the 60th Anniversary Running to the Peak will take place on 26th November 2017 and 60th Anniversary Banquet on 24th March 2018. We hope you will continue your generous support by participating in these prominent events of our big family.

   Forging a strong bond between the School and parents has always been one of the fundamental principles upheld at Raimondi College. Family support is undeniably the driving force of our children, as well as one of the indispensable pillars of the Raimondi fortress. Every day our students meet new challenges in the school, and they are eager to share their colorful school life with parents. If you are able to spend some time listening to their hearty feelings, laughing with them and enjoying their company, the mutual trust developed between parents and children will surely be enhanced, which will, in turn, become the incentive for them to work harder.

     This year also marks an important milestone for the Primary Section, our beloved Principal, Ms. Lau Mei Mei, having devoted forty-one years of loyal service to Raimondi College Primary Section, has retired. Her successor, Ms Lam Ngan Yin, is an educator with abundant experiences and aspirations. May I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Lau and wish her a happy retirement and a blessed new chapter in life. I am confident that under the new leadership of the new Principal, with the infinite support of our parents, alumni, students and teachers, we will continue to walk in unity, persevere and fly beyond boundaries in our pursuit of excellence.

     Let us pray to our Heavenly Father “And the vineyard which thy hand hath planted, and the branch that thou madest strong for thyself” (Psalm 80:15). Under the guidance of our Lord, we will work together in guiding our students to strive for the betterment of themselves and take great strides in their moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, spiritual development, making them critical thinkers in the quest for truth and justice. God Bless!

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Louisa Lo
Chief Principal


新學年新氣象 新崗位新動力

       新學年伊始,家長們又開始積極地為子女計劃來年的活動及定立目標。本人謹代表高主教書院歡迎 各位在悠長的暑假後重返校園。

1. 培育師生在日常生活中實踐天主教教育的核心價值「真理」和「義德」;
2. 延展校本STEM教育課程,提升學生的創新思維及解難能力。