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McCoy says Bills’ Josh Allen ‘looks more confident’

At times last year, particularly early, Josh Allen seemed lost, perhaps not seeing the entire area, unsure where the rush or policy was coming out of, and relying upon his superior athleticism as opposed to intellect to triumph plays.
At times it worked out great, with Allen appearing like one of the most athletic players in the field, running with his toes and drilling strikes with his huge arm.
At times it combusted, together with Allen tossing wayward balls behind targets, not getting through his progress, and an ineffective crime resulted.
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Allen played behind an incredibly porous offensive line having an inconsistent run sport along with a corps of subpar receivers which didn’t make his life easier. The Bills have done a marvelous job repairing those issues this offseason — on paper to buffer the QB. Perhaps the biggest improvement the Bills could make might be involving Allen’s ears.
After an offseason of work outs, running back LeSean McCoy thinks we are seeing a better Allen, especially mentally.
“He seems better,” McCoy told Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News. “I think he looks more confident. I believe last year he played off of gift. Sometimes, when quarterbacks are extremely talented, you miss out how smart they really are. Josh is smart”
The strides Allen has made were not lost on his coaching staff, which understands the Bills don’t have any chance at the playoffs without developments from the QB spot.
“I believe Josh is well informed of everything he needs to improve on and that which he does well previously and improving on those regions as well,” trainer Sean McDermott told reporters during minicamp. “So, Josh is a young man that’s driven and incredibly in tune and incredibly self-aware to his development, his overall development as a young man and as a soccer player and just how important that is to our business. I have noticed that in the habits that he has mastered since he left in January and when we got him back and what he’s done since this time.”
A Year 1 to Year 2 leap is possible, if not anticipated, especially given Allen’s raw talent entering the NFL. Now that he has gotten a year of seasoning under his belt, McCoy believes the big-armed QB can turn the corner.
“Your second and third years pretty much are constantly (better than the first),” McCoy explained. “Maybe not with numbers, but just like with assurance, knowing what to expect, knowing what to look ahead, those type of things. So, I am all excited to see how he performs this season.”
Allen entered the NFL as epitomizing the old-guard versus analytics discussion QB, the prior loving his size, big arm and athletic skill, although the latter decried his inaccuracy and lack of college creation. In Year 1, the signal-caller showed a little for all to claim their situation as accurate. Year two could solidify the argument.

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